Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Rhetoric, United States, Logos Pages: 3 (1261 words) Published: March 31, 2013
A Rhetorical Analysis of Michael from the Economic Collapse
The Price of Gas is Outrageous – And It is Going To Get Even Higher Andrew Kosiski

In a Blog by Michael, “The price of gas is outrageous – and it is going to get even higher,” of The Economic Collapse written on February 19 2012, a year ago today shows a positive argument that is true in today’s economy just like Michael figures it to be. Michael a well-spoken kind of guy gives us a look of what we have now and what to expect in the future and says we will all wish to have these days back in the future. Gas prices have officially taken over a large majority of America’s Families by constantly increasing on a regular basis. Michael chooses to argue on this because this has not only affected his family’s life and my life, but our future children and the rest of the world to come. Michael really try’s jumping down our throats with lots of emotion using words like Outrageous and asking questions that really make you think hmm how much do I really spend on gas per week. I believe Michael uses very good examples of Cairo’s, logos, and pathos. However he horrible failed at using any source of solid Ethos. In Michael’s article he briefly goes over how America is hurt by gas prices. Not just the people who drive a lot but everyone. Cars to get us back and forth to work, school, stores, church, etc. If you do not drive a car it is much needed in airplanes to get us from state to state, Buses to take you from city to city back and forth to work, and Boats to ship goods from Countries across seas so we can live like food, oil, GAS! The main purpose of the article The Price of Gasoline Is Outrageous – and It Is Going to Go Even Higher, is to inform the reader on the possible reasoning for increasing gasoline prices in America. The next few paragraphs shows many different ways that the author used Pathos in a lot of his argument to make sure you truly understand what it is doing to people all of the country....
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