Rhetoric and England

Topics: Rhetoric, English people, Literary devices Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: March 12, 2008
England, lying gently on a map, seemed like a jewel to Jamaica Kincaid. By using rhetorical strategies and figurative language throughout her essay, she explains why and how she is overcome by England's greatness. With Kincaid's choice of details, figurative language, and creation of tone, she conveys an attitude of awe toward England.

Kincaid uses repetition in many instances throughout her essay. In particular, lines 38-73 demonstrate a perfect example of the rhetorical strategy. She sets up the idea of her eating an English breakfast, and eventually starts listing things individually. By naming an abundant amount of items, and following them by "Made in England," she contributes to her attitude of awe. When specifically saying each thing is "Made in England," she is creating the effect that everything is created in England and it adds to her awe of that country. Also, when naming the items that are "Made in England," she starts off by naming small, insufficient thing, and gradually changes them into ideas, and more important things. This is also contributing to her awe and admiration toward England. Another example of where Kincaid uses the rhetorical device of repetition is in lines 1 and 30. She starts off her essay with "When I saw England for the first time, I was […]" and then in line 30 she repeats herself by saying "At the time I was a child sitting at my desk seeing England for the first time, I was […]." When repeating this idea, Kincaid is adding to her awe and veneration of England. She first states that she was looking at England, lying delicately on a map, and then later refers to the same instance, but she is approaching it in a different way. By repeating this, she is portraying that seeing England for the first time was so enthusing and great that she just couldn't overcome that memory.

Throughout Kincaid's essay, she uses many details and literary devices. At the very beginning of the essay, Kincaid refers to England as a...
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