Rhetoric and Discussion Questions

Topics: Rhetoric, Week-day names, Writing Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Writing 101/Summer 2013
Tentative Schedule

Tuesday| June 11| Review of syllabus and scheduleDiagnostic Writing| | | Wednesday| June 12| Read Elbow's "Freewriting" (MO 1-4)Annotation| Practice annotation in class and discussing the reading| Annotating the assigned reading | Thursday| June 13| Read critical thinking and contemporary issues (MO 377-411)Sign plagiarism sheet | Discussion questions | | Sunday| June 16| Unit One Language, Identity and Culture Basics of comparison and contrastRead "Recognizing Purpose and Tone" (MO 424).Read Firoozeh Dumas' "The 'F' Word'" (MO 284-288)| Discussion Questions| Essay # 1 assigned Reading Quiz # 1| Monday| June 17| Read Maalouf's "Deadly Identities" (MO 65)Rhetorical situation| Analyze the rhetorical situation in Maalouf's article| Reading Quiz # 2Summarize "Deadly Identities"| Tuesday| June 18| Read Summary (MO 469-482) | Practice summary in class| Quiz on Critical Thinking (MO 377-411)Individual Summary | Wednesday| June 19| Group summary| Graded Group Summary | | Thursday| June 20| Read Villelabeitia's "In Jordan, the Hip Speak Arabizi" (MO 148) and Lee's "I Think, Therefore IM" on iLearn.| Discussion Questions | Prewrite for essay # 1 and bring the Outline of essay 1| Sunday| June 23| Read MacNeil's "English Belongs to Everybody" (MO 241)APA formatting | | First draft of Essay # 1 is due for peer review| Monday| June 24| Read “Paraphrase” (MO 457-469)| Practice paraphrase| | Tuesday| June 25| In-text citation and bibliography | Meet in computer lab| Draft 2 of Essay #1 is due| Wednesday| June 26| Practice Paraphrasing, Summarizing and Quoting| Meet in computer lab| Study for the midterm| Thursday| June 27| Midterm| | |

Sunday| June 30| UNIT 2Representations of Race and GenderRead Myers' "Closing the Confidence Gap" (MO 166)| Discussion Questions Essay # 2 assigned| Final...
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