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Tim Cook’s Speech at Steve Jobs Memorial

Tim Cook delivered a very powerful speech at the memorial for Steve Jobs. He clearly knew Jobs well, and wanted to give a speech that captured the creative genius that was Jobs; he used rhetoric to accomplish this.

Throughout the entire speech, Cook grabs our emotions by using pathos. Cook said, “I personally really admire Steve not most for what he did, or what he said, but for what he stood for.” This shows how much Cook appreciated Jobs for everything, and not just because he was great at inventing, but because he was a good person, and believed in the right things. This also can be considered ethos because Cook convinces us how Steve is a great man. Tim Cook does an excellent job blending the rhetoric together, and as a result, this creates a very effective speech.

Even though this speech is loaded with pathos, there is also a lot of logos going on. Tim Cook says, “He’s been called a visionary, a creative genius, a rebel, a non-conformist, an original, the greatest CEO ever, the best innovator of all time.” He also talks about how the Macintosh commercial that aired during the Super bowl is considered the greatest ad of all time. All of these things were used to persuade using logic that cannot be argued with. Jobs changed the game for the entire industry, and also changed lives with his inventions. With the iPhone being the best-selling smartphone in the world, Steve Jobs left behind quite a legacy. This speech by Tim Cook was excellent, and truly did Steve Jobs justice. Steve Jobs left huge shoes to fill, but Tim Cook has done just fine in his place.
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