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Reproductive Health Law is one of the most controversial laws that were passed by the legislative branch of our government. Republic Act No. 10354 or commonly known as the RH Law was said to be important because it encourages responsible parenthood within the country. As an ordinary citizen of our country, I can say that now is the time to implement such kind of law because poverty as well as our population is continuously rising while our country’s economy is not that stable. Many of those people who oppose this law say that there are many more problems that must be addressed by the government. Some people say that the usage of contraceptives can lead to a higher abortion rate in the country. Based on an article at LifeSiteNews.com, “Abortion advocates often promote contraception by claiming that as contraception use increases, the number of “unwanted” pregnancies and therefore abortions will decrease. But a new study out of Spain has found the exact opposite, suggesting that contraception actually increases abortion rates”. Almost 2000 Spanish women aged 15 to 49 were surveyed. The survey showed that women using contraceptives increased from 49.1% to 79.9% yet the abortion rate was double from 5.52% per 1000 women to 11.49%. The people who oppose this law also said that there is no direct link connecting high population with high poverty rate. According to Congresswomen Mitos Magsaysay in a debate, poverty rate continue to increase because our government failed to implement program that will help us and they making policies are not helping us rather than spending the money in education.
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