Rfp Response Assessment

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BMG RFP Response Assessment

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BMG RFP Response Assessment
The Boardman Management Group (BMG) manages the Baderman Island Resort. The resort opened in 2004 and has expanded to its present configuration of three hotels, a convention center, a visitor center, four restaurants, two gift shops, a pro shop and a spa. As the resort grew, each new facility was outfitted with the latest, up-to-date computer hardware and software. However, this has resulted in several versions of operating systems and word processing programs being used throughout the resort. BMG has sent a Request for Proposal (RFP) to several vendors to obtain their ideas on how to accomplish the upgrading of the present word processing software to Microsoft Word 2007. Decisions must be made as to which vendor will be chosen and this document will provide insight into this selection process.

Any contract awarded in response to this RFP will be based upon the proposal with appropriate consideration given to operational, technical, cost, and management requirements. Evaluation of offers will be based upon the Vendor’s response to the RFP and the total cost quoted for all items covered by the RFP.

The following items will be the primary considerations in evaluating all submitted proposals and in the selection of a Vendor: 1. All responses are completed correctly.
2. The level to which Vendor’s proposal meets BMG’s stated requirements as listed in this RFP. 3. An assessment of the Vendor’s capability to deliver the specified services in agreement with the requirements stated in this RFP. 4. The Vendor’s stability, experience, and past performance record in delivering similar services. 5. Availability of ample high-quality staff with the required skills and experience for the Vendor’s detailed proposal. 6. Overall cost of the proposal.

An assessment form has been prepared to be used as a tool for rating vendor’s proposals in response to the RFP. Each area required in the RFP will be assigned a weighted score from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest possible score. The scores for each requirement area will be totaled in order to determine which proposal best meets the needs of BMG and Baderman Island Resort. Areas covered on this form include overall response, understanding of business requirements, project management approach, understanding of technical requirements, understanding of time requirements, testing procedures, understanding training requirements, project team staffing and company references.

The final section on the assessment form is required to fairly compare project costs from each vendor. Final cost will include cost for hardware, software, security, man hours/staffing, maintenance, support and any miscellaneous costs that may be reported. A copy of the form is presented on the last page of this document.

Upon completion of the proposals, a recommendation will be presented to the Boardman Management Group Board of Directors. Once approval is received from the Board, a written acceptance of proposal letter will be submitted to the vendor chosen to fulfill this project. A contract will be presented to the vendor for finalization. Anticipated start of the project is one month after contract signings.

Use of the Vendor Assessment Tool sheet will enable a fair and quick comparison of received proposals. Reviewers will quickly know if the proposal covered all required information as stated in the RFP. |RFP Vendor Assessment Tool | | | | | | | | | |Scale High(3), Moderate(2), Low (1), None(0) |Vendor A |Vendor B |Vendor C...

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