Rfp Baderman Island Resort

Topics: Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Operating system Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: December 21, 2010

DATE ISSUED: December 20th 2010
Baderman Island Resort is requesting proposals for Updating word processing software
OPENING DATE: December 27, 2010

I. Company Overview
Bederman Island Resort, is a luxurious modern resort complex, which is best adjusted to the needs of every single customer with a variety of facilities and amenities at its disposal. The Baderman has 3 world class hotels, a convention center, 4 restaurants, 2 gift shops, a pro shop and a spa. All of the business entities of the Company are owned by the Baderman Island Resort and executively managed by the Boardman Management Group, each business entity is operated independently.

II. Product Analysis
Currently the Baderman is a growing tourist and recreation centre with the set priority on Total Quality Management (TQM), which is our strategic objective to be implemented. The major emphasis here is on continuous improvement and empowerment. TQM relies on fact-based decision- making when development ventures such as this one are in process. As an established resort centre with a considerable commercial potential the Baderman Resort is seeking software development proposals to provide upgraded word processing software on the basis of Microsoft Word integrating the business-fundamental four applications - Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, and Word. The software upgrades should be aimed at high quality and superior reliability. They should likewise intend to make the applications as user-friendly as possible, and to enhance the productivity of the enterprise, as well as enable rapid response to customers Herewith the Company is also requesting professional up-to-date technical support. This request for proposal is intended to arouse professional and commercial interest with software developers. We attach big importance to outcomes which are most cost...
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