Rfid Based Security System

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The existing forms of security systems using surveillance cameras better known as CCTV are not enough. As they only provide the user with the video of any incident, which is of no use when it comes to stopping the incident from taking place if there is no one is present monitoring the screens at that point of time.

This project will allow only the registered user to turn on the tracking system. This project will keep the information of every tag that has been given a specific identification number. Using this project we could easily calculate are the number of goods that are within the range of the RFID reader. Even if there is no one monitoring the system the alarm will alert the user as well as a text message will alert the user.


Software required: Microsoft XP, JDK, SQL

Microsoft XP is used as a operating system, JDK is use for writing the java program and SQL is use for writing the queries.
Proper implementation of such RFID and GSM technologies will benefit all in the field of security. The consumers need not worry about their valuables at any time and anywhere.
Besides, this idea also can implement to other valuable belongings such as laboratory equipments in institutes, books in the library, etc. What they need to do is just simply attached to the RFID tag to their respective belongings and run the security program for the function needed.

As the RFID tags are getting cheaper, it is a very economical solution to all the security system needed [1].



A low cost GSM/GPRS based wireless home security system
Home security system is needed for occupants' convenience and safety. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of low cost, low power consumption, and GSM/GPRS (global system for mobile communication /general packet radio service) based wireless home security system. The system is a wireless home network that contains a GSM/GPRS gateway and three kinds of wireless security sensor nodes that are door security nodes, infrared security nodes and fire alarm nodes. The nodes are easy installing. The system can response rapidly to alarm incidents and has a friendly user interface including a LCD (liquid crystal display) and a capacitive sensor keyboard. The wireless communication protocol between the gateway and the nodes is also suitable for other home appliances. Furthermore, some methods are taken to ensure the security of system information [2].

Navigation and Mobile Security System of Home Security Robot

We have recently developed an intelligent security architecture in robot (ISR). Image system, security system, multi-interaction system and obstacle avoidance system can all communicate with each other through intelligent automation robot system (IA robot). We also discuss the modes and distance of obstacle avoidance that influence in the pathway of obstacle avoidance. In order to navigate IA robot to complete mission with obstacle avoidance system and security system by using IR sensors, and USB Web-camera installed in IA robot. Therefore, because the limitation of IR sensors and the action mode we have set, we have to choose a critical distance. When IA robot approaches an obstacle into this distance, ISR will start to avoid obstacle. We also provide seven kinds of functions installed on this IA robot to reach security service. We have successfully demonstrated the modes and distance of obstacle avoidance and the security system [3]. A new secure SIM-card based RFID reader

Nowadays, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has recently aroused great interest due to its convenience and economic efficiency, and the RFID technology has become mature and its manufacturing cost is reduced constantly, this technology has already widely used in a lot of field such as...

References: [1] A. B. Author, Title of Book, APMTTEMC Press,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2005.
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