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Assignment RFC Case

1 Payment Processing System at RFC

The payment processing system at RFC is modeled using Bizagi Software according to the case described in the textbook. Next figure shows the process model for the payment processing system:

2 Which changes in company processes and information are necessary to improve the payment processing system of RFC?

First of all a re-engineering of the payment processing system is necessary because of the many problems described in the case. The most important principle of business process re-engineering is to eliminate outdated procedures. The major problem here at RFC is that they don’t have a central IT-system. The use of a central server to store their data would be a great improvement. Now they have to rip off vouchers in a client file, collect them all and use them to update the outstanding loans file. Every afternoon, these vouchers are bundled to one payment that is deposited. For this deposit, a receipt has to be made and a copy is send by post mail to the head office. A proper IT-system allows e-mail for communication between the local and head office, avoiding the risk of a receipt getting lost and speeds up the process a lot. A server would also allow the usage of integrated databases. For example the outstanding loans file is updated in the local office and the head office separately. By saving the file on a server it should be possible that both the local and head office can save and share their information in a central database. Other benefits are that there would be less redundant data, the data will be more consistent, less dependent and integrity of data will improve. By using these integrated databases, parts of the payment process system will be redundant. For example: the mailing by post of receipts and using the receipts to update their outstanding loans file. This also eliminates the risk that a...
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