Rez sisters

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The Rez Sisters: Literary Analysis
In the play “The Rez Sisters” by Tomson Highway shows the different themes that were introduced throughout the play. The play takes place on the Wasaychigan Indian Reservation which means that it is very difficult to be happy somewhere where a person does not want to be in. Therefore the author shows the difficult life that some characters face on the reservation. Quote 1: “Philomena, I wanna go to Toronto” (Highway 2). This quote is introduced right at the beginning of the play which was told to Pelajia who is the sister of Philomenia. Pelajia is sitting on the roof of an old house on the reservation and she is fixing the roof when she told this to Philomenia. She wants to escape the reservation and move to Toronto where her two sons are. She does not like the reservation so she is trying to fix it by building paved roads instead of dirt roads and making changes on it. She uses the hammer which is one of the main symbols in the book. It symbolizes a tool which fixes everything, she is trying to fix the reserve so she will be happier to live there. This quote shows foreshadowing as well. It foreshadows their trip to Toronto where they will attend the biggest bingo in the world, but as they travel to Toronto she sees that it is not a fairy-tale to live there, at the end when they are heading home she realizes that she does not want to live in Toronto, but she appreciates her home the reservation. The author tries to tell the reader that life on the reservation is not easy. All the seven sisters all there for each other but there are still complications on the reservation. Quote 2: “It’s true. Bingos here in Wasy are getting smaller and smaller all the time. Especially now when the value of dollar is getting lesser and lesser. In the old days, when Bingo Betty was still alive and walking these dirt roads” (Highway16). This quote was said from Philomena to Pelajia. It shows how this bingo tradition is not alive like it...
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