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Rewilding North America

By prozacm Oct 11, 2011 321 Words
John Mayer
Professor :Derrick Rose
Writing 101
The earth is a planet that contains not only human beings but also animals. Unfortunately, people do not respect animals well enough since the idea is that human beings are much smarter than animals. However, we are two different kinds that cannot survive without each other. Luckily, there are some people who care about animals and try to make people be a part of wildlife like old times. A lot of animals die because of human beings almost everyday. Most of those occur on roads and highways. Therefore, scientists research to prevent those losses. One of the most important things that they did is called “Y2Y” which is a short form of Yellowstone to Yukon. Y2Y is a corridor that includes national forests, isolated parks and most importantly it is roadless, Y2Y is not only preserve animals but it also makes people change their minds. For example, the pressure of Y2Y makes people build bridges on highways for the animals. So that, the animals that live there have a chance to avoid the cars on the highways. In addition to Y2Y, isolated parks play a vital role of preservation of animals. Although I think isolated parks are great opportunities for animals in order to live fearlessly, some scientists strongly oppose. They claim that because of isolated parks, animals have to live in smaller areas. According to the scientists, if the area where animals live gets smaller, there will be less species exist. The scientists who have two opposite sites argue that if single large is more beneficial for animals or several small. In conclusion, human beings and animals are parts of the ecosystem which cannot be thought either one of them do not exist. In my opinion, the world would be a better place if people try to be more responsible and respectful to animals.

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