rewards and recognition

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Employee Recognition Programs

Rewards and Recognition Programs,
The Secret to Maintaining High Morale and a Motivated
Work Force

John Jurgle
Pompano Beach Fire Department
Pompano Beach, Florida


Employee Recognition Programs

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John Jurgle


Employee Recognition Programs


Employee reward/recognition programs and their effects on morale and motivation amongst the ranks, is one of the primary tools available to managers to affect work force attitudes. The problem is that Pompano Beach Fire Rescue has failed to establish an effective employee reward/recognition program that is valued by its employees, resulting in low morale and motivation. The purpose of this applied research project (ARP) was to evaluate the current employee recognition/reward program and develop a program that was valued by department employees. An action research methodology was used to develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the administration and implementation of an employee program. The research questions that were addressed in the project included: a. How valued and effective were the current department’s employee recognition/reward program?

b. How did Pompano Beach Fire Rescue’s recognition/reward program compare to other fire departments?
c. From an employee perspective, what type of recognition/rewards did they value? d. How did the department’s employee recognition/reward program compare to programs in the private sector?
The information for this research project was obtained during a literature review on employee recognition/rewards programs and their effects on morale and motivation. This search was conducted utilizing sources from the Learning Resource Center at the National Fire Academy and with sources obtained from the Alvin Sherman Library at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Additionally, two questionnaires were conducted to gather data. One questionnaire was administered to the employees of Pompano Beach Fire Rescue and the second

Employee Recognition Programs


was through a web site on the internet. Various web sites on the internet were accessed utilizing Google as the main search engine. Finally, two interviews with local human resource managers were conducted.

The results of the project indicated the members of the department did not believe that the current employee reward/recognition program was effective and did not offer any value. Employee training, supervisor training, and the formation of a rewards committee was recommended as the initial process to implementation. Finally, the development and implementation of a reward/recognition program was recommended with the procedure provided.

Employee Recognition Programs
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