Rewards and Recognition

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A Guide to Developing a Successful Employee Recognition Program All employees like to be recognized and appreciated for the work they do for their employer. Employee recognition programs provide an opportunity to recognize and thank staff and faculty for their contributions, dedication, and commitment to the ISU community.  Each year the University recognizes employees through The Employee Recognition Reception to recognize the contributions of employees who achieved a length of service milestone during the calendar year. The reception provides an opportunity to recognize employees for their valuable contributions to ISU and congratulate them on reaching a length of service milestone. The University Medallion was established in 1997 to recognize Indiana State University staff displaying a history of loyalty, dependability, and service to the University and the Terre Haute Community. The University Medallion is the highest honor that can be conferred on an employee by the University. ISU staff nominate individuals they feel have shown exceptional spirit throughout their years of service to ISU, distinguished achievement in their career, and involvement in the community. The ExtraMile Award certificate can be given by any individual, full-time, regular employee, department, committee, or unit.  The nomination form for this award can we found on the Office of Human Resources web page. The award is given to an individual or aforementioned organizational unit to show appreciation for exhibiting the ExtraMile attitude, for catching them doing something right, or for outstanding performance. Supervisors are encouraged to give this award to their employees.  However, recognition is most effective when it takes place on a regular basis and in a variety of different ways. It is also important that recognition activities be aligned with the culture of your division and/or department. An employee recognition program provides managers and supervisors different opportunities for acknowledging staff members, peers, and colleagues. It is essential that every manager and supervisor be aware of their responsibility to provide effective feedback and positive reinforcement to their employees. To cultivate a successful recognition program, all managers and supervisors should: * Learn ways to motivate and inspire others;

* Learn how to communicate needs, expectations, and goals clearly; * Explain how the program works and how employees can receive recognition; and * Provide employees with an understanding of how they impact the organization’s goals, mission and success. There are numerous reasons for recognizing employees:

* Exemplifying the University’s ’s values
* Identifying a process improvement
* Identifying areas of monetary savings
* Exceptional customer service
* Creativity in new and innovative methods and procedures * Performance or service above normal duties
* Improving safety in the workplace
* Positive attitudes
* Team players
* Initiating productivity enhancements
* Contributing to a one-time, outstanding effort, which benefited the department or the College * Initiative to get the job done
Informal recognition can be used every day to acknowledge contributions of individuals, teams and work groups. As with all recognition, it should be tied to a specific behavior or activity that you want to reinforce. What does your division/department value? The types of contributions that might be recognized are: * staying late to help someone prepare a presentation for the next day * volunteering to cover for a co-worker who is out sick

* going out of your way to help boost morale or create a positive, inclusive work environment * exceeding expectations for a goal or milestone in a long-term collaborative project Employee recognition tools and templates are provided for supervisors, managers, and peers to use to recognize and reward...
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