Reward Recognition

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Benefits of an Employee Recognition Program

1.Increased customer loyalty and retention; lower turnover. Employees who feel appreciated and respected will be more productive and motivated, and are likely to remain longer with the company.

2.Higher employee productivity overall.

3.Increased retention of mid to high performers.

4.Overall increased employee morale. Employees often go above and beyond what is expected of them in most cases. Showing your appreciation creates an environment of respect and gives employees a sense of ownership and belonging in their place of work.

Fundamentals of an Employee Recognition Program
Facts & Figures

The total number of your employees;
The total amount of money you wish to allocate for recognition gifts and incentive awards; •Funding: Your per employee budget for each employee recognition gift or award. Allot approximately 1% of base pay for non-sales staff and 4%-7% of base pay for sales staff,

Please consider the following preliminary when developing an employee recognition program:

I.Program objectives

It is imperative that the Delegation has a clear idea of the goals it hopes to achieve with its employee recognition program. Specifically, what do employees need to do?

1. What employee actions will the program reward?
2. What specific employee achievements should be highlighted and recognized? 3. What outcomes are you looking for?
4. And what policies and practices will drive your recognition program? For example, one objective articulated by many Delegations is to improve safety performance. With this goal in mind, employees may be recognized by receiving rewards or incentives based on achieving a specific desired set of circumstances, such as:

1.A set number of days without recordable accidents;
2.A set number of months without lost-time injuries;
3.Significant decreases in workers’ compensation claims (over time, i.e., one month or one year).

Any of the results mentioned above can be achieved in connection with a successful employee recognition program. Moreover, meeting each desired result will yield a different impact on a company’s bottom line.

Delegations should also draft a statement of program objectives to serve as a guide when making decisions about the program. This statement may be referenced when determining the amount of resources to allocate to the program.

II.Program administration

Employee recognition programs are typically administered by HR department. The program administrator is entrusted with the administrative and technical duties of running the program, although this person usually has other responsibilities unrelated to the recognition program.

III.Program communication

A successful employee recognition program is one that allows employees to participate easily. Employees are more likely to participate in an employee recognition program if they are made aware of the program’s existence at the outset. To promote awareness of an employee recognition program among its employees, an Delegation should advertise its program details in conspicuous workplace locations, such as in the cafeteria and on company bulletin boards. Delegations may also wish to include an explanation of the program’s rules and procedures in the orientation packets distributed to new employees and in the employee handbook.

IV. Program eligibility and participation
Along with the program’s rules and procedures, Delegations should widely disseminate to its employees information about how to participate in the recognition program. Regarding eligibility requirements, most Delegations permit all employee groups, including managers, to participate in the employee recognition program, although top-level executives and department heads and members of the evaluation committee may be excluded.

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