Reward and Punishment ; a Motivator in Child's Learning

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Reward and Punishment:
A Motivator in Childs Learning

Experimental Psychology
Psy 6

Psychology Department
Prof. Ryan Tojerros

Tricia Mauriz E. Manaman
3F3- BS Psychology

Operant conditioning is one of the many ways of learning, which is constructed by the means of giving rewards and punishment in an individual. The type of conditioning that going to be used in this experiment holds a specific behavior and consequences, consequences could be either a reward or a punishment that could have an effect in learning. Reward and punishment are modulators of an individual’s performance.

According to B.F Skinner, internal thoughts could help bring about learning, he thought that external factors could affect ones learning capabilities and he considered this behavior. His theory involves only the external factors that can drive ones learning capabilities. There are reinforcements that were presented by B.F Skinner these are the positive and the negative reinforces. Positive reinforcement is a type of stimulus, which could inspire an individual to do something again because he will get a reward, the negative reinforces on the other hand is a move that will take you away from being punished. Punishment on the other hand have also two types namely, positive and negative punishments. Positive punishment is adding something that would hinder an individual to do a thing again and the negative punishment is removing something for an individual to learn.

One of the effective incentives is a reward; applicable if the person is interested in the reward (Marshall, Marvin, 2006) The logicality of having something that is worth the effort could be a reason for a person to work harder to aim a specific goal. Rewards could also be a sense of acknowledgement it is a way of congratulating merit and showing some appreciation.

Students are said to associate their consequences in learning most of their behavior. The said consequences if repeated over to a period of time may result to a behavior pattern (Robb, 2003). It is also proven that a pleasant consequence, which is the reward, is usually much useful performance modifier rather than the unpleasant consequences (Robb, 2003).

Rewards and punishment is being highly used nowadays, because the generation of today won’t make a move without something that would benefit them. Let us face the mere reality that everything in this world is not for free; everything is in exchange or worth for something. You have to have something for someone to work and give better performance. This is where reward and punishment takes place. Reward and punishment exist in different places like home, offices and school. It appears to be used in different ways in order to inspire and motivate people to work and to give it a best shot.

The purpose of this study is to prove that reward and punishment have an effect on learning, and could motivate students to do well or not to do well in class. The objective of this study is to measure the attentiveness, memory retention and the effectiveness of rewards in motivating the students to study their eagerness to learn.

The experimenter hypothesized that the academic performance of a child is affected and motivated by rewards and punishments. II. METHODOLOGY

The experimenter will divide the participants into two groups, one that will be the experimental group and the other as the controlled group. The experimenter will separate the two different groups and will make instructions in a separate time as well.

The experimenter will provide the procedure and explain some topic, simple topic that will be understood by children immediately. Aside from the same topic that will be explained by the experimenter, there will be an additional instruction that will be given to the controlled group, which is the reward. The experimenter will tell the participants to listen attentively because there will be rewards if they answer...
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