Revolutionary War: The American Revolution

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Revolutionary. It means involving or causing a complete or dramatic change. The Revolutionary war was revolutionary because the greatest army in the world (Great Britain) at the time was defeated by only thirteen colonies and it was the first time any country had enforced democracy. First of all, only thirteen colonies beat the world's greatest army. When the other countries heard about this they were surprised. Second of all, was that the States enforced democracy. Democracy was only written by John Locke but no one ever thought of actually using as a government. This seems to me like the war caused a complete or dramatic change. Therefore the Revolutionary War was very revolutionary not only to the people it changed, but also the whole world. But anyway let’s go in a little deeper.
The Indians were greatly affected by the war. They lost most of their land because of the war. The British took all the Indian’s land, lost a war, and gave all the Indian’s land to the States. Most of the Indians thought this was unfair and are still arguing about this matter today. The Revolutionary war also affected the slaves. By...

The American Revolution had big effects on the Institution of Slavery which debates the civic, moral, and economic arguments against slavery. Several thousand slaves won their freedom by serving on both sides of the Revolutionary War. The women were also affected by the Revolutionary War. Abigail Adams wrote letters to her husband (John Adams) about “Remembering the Ladies.” In one letter she wrote “If...
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