Revolutionary War Creative Writing Letter

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Dear Mother,
You would not believe what is about to happen; it’s almost inevitable. The country is in the midst of beginning the war to independence! Although I am not completely sure of this possibility, I can’t help but feel that is. Can you believe it? We would no longer be under control of Britain; we would be able to run this land and its people as we see fit. Everywhere you go there is such a strong sense of pride and the need to protect that pride. People in the streets are always rallying and petitioning for the population to bear arms and fight for their freedom. You would not believe the fire in their eyes and the passion that is entwined with their shouts. Quotes from Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry are constantly being repeated in hope that they will bolster the spirits of the people. Especially of those who are unsure on their position in regards to independence.

I feel myself getting so excited at the thought of becoming an independent country. And do you know what they speak of? Not having a king! Where the people have control over the composition of the government; where the well-being of the people is protected from tyrants like King George the III. Think how far we’ve come in the last century. I remember you telling me about Grandfather, and why he decided to leave England for freedom. And right now we are so close to completely breaking free from England. I can almost smell the independence it is so close.

I am thinking hypothetically after all, the war for freedom has not started yet and it could be avoided all together. Oh, Mother! It is so hard to explain the feeling that has overcome this city. If only you were here to see, hear and feel everything that is happening. If you were, I believe that you would understand what I am trying to communicate to you. And you would believe that independence if not far for us.

Being here in the city living with Sister Hop has made me see things so differently. I thank you for allowing me to have an...
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