Revolution of Mass Media

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2.2 Revolution of Mass Media

The word revolution often means a sudden or a violent change however changes can also be subtle over years and even decades. Unlike many wars and overthrowing governments, information revolution creates changes whether intended or not that sticks, becoming a part of the ever-changing society. Information revolution has been identified into six periods in Western history ranging from the Eight B.C to the near future. (Fang, Irving 1997) The first revolution has been characterized as the Writing Revolution mainly in Greece where writing is used to store knowledge so that the human mind is no longer constrain to limitation of memory. The second revolution is known as the Printing Revolution with the invention of the high-speed rotary steam printing presses. With printed materials, information and messages is spread through many layers of the society. Printing also helped many fields such as personal alterations, religious, educational, economic, and political agenda. Printing then was marked as the beginning of the modern world. The third revolution is known as the Mass Media, began with the invention of the telegraph changing the way messages can be conveyed to the masses where literacy came within reach. The fourth revolution then came to be known as the Entertainment Revolution when technology advancement allowing the creation of stored sound, affordable cameras and motion photography is made available. Stories were able to be conveyed from written material to a more audio and visual allowing the public to enjoy even further the entertainment constriction within the illiterate as well the literate.

The fifth revolution known as the Communication Toolshed Home allowing homes to become central location for receiving information as well as entertainment with the advancement of technology of telephone, broadcasted channels of television and radio. From that forth, media of communication have become inseparable from our lives with...
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