Revlon Case Study

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weeeeeeee wqeeqwe qweew wewewe s in 10 minutes, as well as its Frost & Glow highlighting brand. In haircare, the Company sells the Flex and Aquamarine lines in many countries and the Bozzano and Juvena brands in Brazil.

Beauty Tools: The Company sells Revlon Beauty Tools, which include nail and eye grooming tools, such as clippers, scissors, files, tweezers and eye lash curlers. Revlon Beauty Tools are sold individually and in sets under the Revlon brand name and are the number one brand of beauty tools in the U.S. mass-market distribution channel. In 2005, Revlon introduced 14 new Beauty Tool products, including a new line called Expert Effects which have been designed ergonomically to enable proper technique for expert-like results.

Fragrances: The Company sells a selection of moderately-priced and premium-priced fragrances, including perfumes, eau de toilettes, colognes and body sprays. The Company's portfolio includes fragrances such as Charlie and Ciaraas well as Jean Nat. In 2006, the Company intends to re-enter the prestige fragrance market in the U.S.

Anti-perspirants/deodorants: In the area of anti-perspirants and deodorants, the Company markets Mitchum, Aquamarine and Hi & Dri antiperspirant brands in many countries. The Company also markets hypo-allergenic personal care products, including antiperspirants, under the Almay brand.

Skincare: The Company's skincare products, including moisturizers, are predominantly sold under the Almaybrand name, as mentioned above. Other brand names include Eterna 27, Vitamin C Absolutes and Ultima II. In addition, the Company sells skincare products in international markets under internationally-recognized brand names and under various regional brands, including the Company's premium-priced Gatineau brand, as well as Ultima II.


The Company markets extensive consumer product lines principally priced in the upper range of the mass-market distribution channels and certain other channels...
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