Revlon Analysis

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Revlon Inc is one of the leading companies in cosmetic production and other personal products industry. This company produces and markets their products under brand names of Revlon, ultima, Charlie, Almay, jean nate, mitchum and Gatineau. The categories of product are cosmetics, personal product and skin care products. Revlon has used food stores, chain drug, owned shops or large volume retailer in marketing their product. Operations of this particular company are spread across many other geographic regions which are; Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Asia pacific and south East Asia Revlon Company is based and traded in New York City in the United States. INTRODUCTION

Revlon inc (Revlon) was founded by the two brothers Charles and Joseph in 1932 during the great depression later along came in Charles (a chemist) who included the ‘’L’’ word in the company name (Revlon). Revlon began a single product which was the nail enamel and later introduced many other products like the pedicure and manicure set, fragrance and other cosmetics product for ladies. Only after 6years of operations Revlon inc developed into a multi-million organization. The company introduced new cosmetics colour that is produced twice a year, this operation took place in the 1960s which also coincide with the announcement of the fashion industry. Revlon forcefully hit the international market in the 1960s the company used models in order to introduce the world to their ‘’American looks’’. Revlon has an old history as being a cosmetic company, nevertheless this company in 1990s was assumed to have become sedated in the approach towards the market. Revlon mission and vision statement:

The mission statement of Revlon is to become a well known leader in personal care and cosmetic all over the world. Revlon also has pleasure in producing a high top skin care and also tries hard to please older and younger women. Revlon Inc vision is pleasing their customers’ needs with excitement and glamour in which they give at reasonable prices. (Revlon 2010) REVLON OBJECTIVES

Objectives in a company or organization means survival and also to achieve growth target. Revlon objectives are; •To increase the growth of the net sales
To improve their margins
To improve their working capital in the industry
According to Kay (1993), strategy of organization is seen as a match between internal capabilities and its external relationships. Strategy is all about how firms uses its analytical techniques in order to help them understand and also to control its position or place in the market. Revlon inc has many strategies in achieving the success of the company, one of Revlon early strategy was expanding their sales through market mass outlets and introducing unique products with a good benefits for consumers .this form of strategy was successful as Revlon created an exclusive, patented polymer as the development led to the earl’s first lipstick which is called ‘wont rub off’ ‘wont kiss off’. Today Revlon uses the same strategy of building and leveraging their strong brand especially Revlon brand by focusing on the drivers of having a profitable growth in the company. INNOVATION

The company extended and build up products by presenting colors in their cosmetics. In 2008 and 2009 a wide range of new line up products of Almay and Revlon was introduced, launching of these product included innovation in packaging and produce as well as offering uniqueness for the mass channel and also extending lines that is within the existing franchises. Revlon is focusing on a strong channel of upcoming products by launching it every year in all the sectors of the cosmetics as well as being ensured that the franchise is recognised remains competitive and important. ADVERTISING

Revlon media strategy, focuses more on the allocation on promotions and...
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