Revit Definition of Terms

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 A 2D, view-specific element that you use to document a building or design. For example, symbols, tags, keynotes, and dimensions are annotations (also referred to as annotation elements). Annotation elements are always displayed at the same paper size regardless of view scale.

2. ARCHICAD  A CAD software from the company GraphiSoft and is similar with Revit. 3. AUTOCAD  An Autodesk product. AutoCAD enables you to create, visualize, document, and share your ideas, from conceptual design through drafting and detailing. You can import AutoCAD files for use in Revit projects, and you can export Revit files for use in AutoCAD projects.

4. BIM  Building Information Modeling
 A design methodology that maintains a single database of information about a building design. All information for a building design, from geometry to construction data, is stored in a project file. This information includes components used to design the model, views of the project, drawings of the design, and related documentation.  In a Revit project, every drawing sheet, 2D and 3D view, and schedule is a representation of information from the same underlying building model database. For more information,

 A shape (such as a circle or cloud) that contains identification text for a grid, level, view title, callout, or annotation.

 A flat surface that is designed to be occupied by buildings and is prepared by grading, excavating, filling, or a combination of these.  In Revit Architecture, you can add a building pad to a toposurface, and then modify the structure and depth of the pad.

7. CAD
 Computer-Aided-Design  The use of computer-based tools that assist engineers, architects, and other design professionals in their design work.

 A visualization tool that you use to create a 3D view of a building model. When you place a camera in a 2D view, you can control the target point, the camera level, and the focal point of the camera.  The following views show a camera positioned in a floor plan view, and the resulting 3D view.

 A group of elements that you use to model or document a building design. For example, categories of model elements include walls, windows, columns, and beams. Categories of annotation elements include dimensions, tags, and text notes.  Categories are organized into families of elements with similar purposes and characteristics. Families are further organized into types, as shown.

 A drawing that shows the design of a ceiling.

 A sketched line that connects to itself, creating a 2-dimensional shape. A closed loop cannot contain coincident or intersecting segments.  In Revit Architecture, you sketch closed loops to create floors, ceilings, plan regions, openings in walls and roofs, solid extrusions, and other parts of a building design. In the following sketch, a closed loop defines the walls, ceiling, and floor. An open loop defines the roof.

 A vertical element in a building. Architectural columns add visual interest to a design. Structural columns are vertical load-bearing elements in a structure.

 A building element that is usually delivered and installed on site, rather than built in place. (Also referred to as a hosted component.)  For example, windows, doors, and furniture are components. In contrast, walls, floors, and roofs are built in place; these are called hosts or host elements.

 A parameter that defines a relationship between elements in a building design. For example, you can specify the top constraint for a wall as Level 2. If Level 2 moves upward, the height of the wall increases to maintain the relationship.

 An imaginary line that connects points of equal elevation to describe the topography of a building site. .

 A graphical icon in the Revit drawing area that you use to...
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