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Topics: Iliad, Homer, Trojan War Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Dr. Lamson
Pooneh Khazaeipool
Human Situation

In Homer’s Iliad fate is always lurking around the corner, waiting for its next victim to meet his or her destiny making it one of the constant dilemmas the main divine and mortal characters are forced to confront. The divine have interventions that redirects the fate in the desired path but ultimately fail to stop the original course of it; however, despite the doom and gloom that it represents, free will is not lost within the Iliad. If Achilles never made the choice between the fate he encountered - death or glory- he would have never been one of the greatest Greek heroes. Likewise, Hector and Zeus make choices upon learning the demise of Hector when he is getting ready to battle with the god-like Achilles. Throughout the Iliad fate and destiny act as an explanation for the outcome of the decisions made, whether good or bad.

Fate does not control the results or consequences of a decision and it seems that it is used only as an excuse to justify the decision within the text. Despite the fact that everyone will eventually die, which is not fate nor destiny but reality, Achilles makes choices about his future. Achilles is told by his mother, Thetis, “two fates sweep [him] on to [his] death. If [he] stay here and fight, [he]’ll never return home, But [his] glory will be undying forever. If [he] return home to my dear fatherland.”(9.423-429) If the events that happened afterwards were ultimately inevitable for Achilles, he would not have any sort of free will or the ability to make decisions. The choice of re-entering into battle knowing that there was doom who awaited him is not because fate has already decided it but because he chooses to fight, picking one of his options within the choices offered by fate. Destiny is irrelevant to the consequences that Achilles faces Khazaeipool2

other than the simple fact that author Homer uses it as an excuse to skillfully rationalize the decision Achilles...
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