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* How has tourism evolved over the ages?
* What factors have influenced its growth?
* Premodern & modern tourism
* Started in the Dark ages with the nomadic movement of people and survival was the focus rather than tourism then it moved to Mesopotamia and technological factor allowed easy movement of people which facilitated tourism * Then Greece ancient Rome again infrastructure played a major roles road networkds and the birth of issues that influences tourism travel such as entry visas and all the separation of countries entrance even though they were under the roman empire... * Currency and rise of resorts and emergence of a large wealthy class. GRAND TOUR

* Arrival of carriage rentals and other transport rentals first travel guides * Launch of tourism marketing materials and industrial revolution * Sea side resorts construction
* Industrial revolution helped in many forms of transport costs as it was not all bad because places like Brighton in the UK gave growth to the need of people to get out of cities and the rail networks linking up areas and making people feel like travelling.... * Technology and the rise and the Cunnards cruise ships. * Early flights technology

Rise of mass tourism mass tourism came from this development of tourism and tour operators form the rising of timetables and other technological elements and the presence of the route itself and the notion of adapting the principles of the industrial revolution to tourism.

* Various economic and policies factors hindered tourism growth. * The real rise of a mass global tourism industry...
* The Thomas cook industry was localised and the scope was more local but it wasn’t a global phenomenon at that point but the early rise of the jet engine with the airlines and the rise of the new forms of technology like the GPS that came out of the cold war INTANGIBLE ASPECTS DARK TOURISM

The presence of war sites as tourist attractions
The notion that people could travel and that it was open to the masses The whole idea that it was something opened for everyone
Learn the shift of 1950 figure of contemporary tourism and the rapid expansion over the last 50 years Benefits understand what u feel have been the positive and negative outcomes of the mass tourism sector Industrialised tourismread article of industry and partial industrialisation, distinction between the two. Packaged vs. non packaged, revise Majorca video...what benefits flow from mass tourism? Definitions of:

* Tourism
* Tourists
* The tourism industry
Rational of definitions why define anything
Technical and heuristic definitions
Key measures of tourism activity? Read stears work again and all the definitions material understand and conform an opinion as to what each of the items refer to System approach to tourism ...what is a system? A system is a group of interrelated, interdependent and interacting elements that together form a single functional structure...Idea that u can have interrelated elements SEE CONNECTIONS THAT EXIXTS....LEARN THE LEIPER MODEL OF TOURISM SYSTEM

There are common elements of all tourism systems FOCUS ON TDR TGR AND TTR who the tourists are and the marketing with focus on the TDR the environment that surround it Know what the tourism system is what the elements might be some of the ways they may relate to each other and the common elements LEARN ELEMENTS OF A TOURISM SYSTEMCHART ON EXCEL from lec slides Know the supply side approach and know if it’s possible to link the entire sub tourism sector and actually call them one industry? Also focus on the nature of the integrations and interrelationships that exists inside any particular systems in terms of: * Industrial information

* Non tourism industrial info
* Environmental impact and influences
How to study systems? Separate them from the...
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