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Proposed Network Upgrade for Tomas Claudio Memorial College Computer Laboratories

Adam Patrick L. Pestano
John Sammy C. layron
Marie Antonette T. Morales
Mara Krizzel B. Velasco

Proposed Network Upgrade for Tomas Claudio Memorial College Computer Laboratories

The name of the Organization
Tomas Claudio Memorial College

Objective of Organization

Tomas Claudio Memorial College aspires to be a community-based institution of learning dedicated to academic excellence, employing democratic and ideal leadership to deliver educational services geared towards the attainment of quality life among its clientele.

Tomas Claudio Memorial College will:

- Provide opportunities for professional growth and development of entrepreneurial skills and competencies: - Pursue its commitment to academic excellence through the development and inculcation of “Claudian” values such as personal discipline and love of God to promote community service -oriented graduates

Administration / Development Plan

What Department?
Information Technology Department

Organization Structure:
Board of Trustees
Mr. Edmund C. Francisco- Chairman
Mr. Rodolfo S. San Felipe- President
Dr. Antonio R. Mateo- Vice- Chairman
Ms. Filipina Bautista-Legaspi- Treasurer
Ms. Dalisay F. Soriano- Auditor
Dr. Aladdin F. Trinidad- Trustee
Dr. emiliano A. Fransisco- Trustee
Mrs. Estela G. Pascual- Secretary

College of Nursing / Medical and health Allied Programs
Dr. Liwayway M. Piedad - Dean

Education And Liberal Arts Program
Dr. Eva R. De Rosas- Coordinator

Business and Accountancy Propgram
Mrs. Estela G. Pascual- Dean

Hotel and Restaurant Management Program
Dr. Darwin M. Pascual- Coordinator

Criminology Program
Dr. Erdulfo Grimanes- Dean

Graduate Studies
Dr. Eva R. De Roxas- Dean

Basic Education Program
Dindo C. Punzalan- Principal

Information Technology / Technical Vocational
Mrs. Janet C. Fernando- Coordinator

List of Faculty:
Lina I. Santiago
Essele I. Palomar
Rogel O. Ada

Maintenance for I.T. Dept.:
Reddie M. San Felipe – Computer Technician
Rhommel M. Pascual - Research Assistant

Existing Development Plan
There are no existing networks that connect all of the computer laboratories, but there are networks for each room. That is why we decide to develop a network that connects all of the computer laboratories and to have a specific server room.

Proposed Development Plan
There are 20 or more computers for every computer laboratories. So we don’t need to buy more.

Network Equipment:
The most commonly used cable is RJ-45.
A hub is a rectangular box that used as the central object on which computers and other devices are connected. A router is another type of device that acts as the central point among computers and other devices that are part of a network. A network card / LAN Card, or a network adapter, also called a network interface card, or NIC, allows a computer to connect to the exterior. A network switch is a computer networking device that connects devices together on a computer network, by using a form of packet switching to forward data to the destination device. An uninterruptible power supply / uninterruptible power source or UPS, is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically mains power, fails. ISP:

An internet service provider (ISP) is a company that serves as the intermediary between your network (or you) and the internet. We will use PLDT as ISP at 8.5 MBps.

A firewall is a security measures that consists of protecting your network from intruders. This is primarily important if you plan to connect your network to the internet. We will use pfSense project as our firewall. pfSense project is a free network firewall distribution,...
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