Topics: Change management, Supply chain management, Research Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: February 13, 2015
Arlbjorn et al., (2006) studied “Improved change readiness through supply chain competency” and identified how competencies can be developed in a company by providing training and making employees prepared for change. Data have been collected from 200 employees; taking two day courses on supply chain management. Questionnaires have been consisted on two sets. First set of questionnaire was based on evaluation sheets which has been filled by participants after end of the each class and second has been filled by emails after the completion of courses. Results of the analysis suggest that employees had improved competencies and had developed readiness for change. This study concludes that the construction of supply chain courses can enhance competency levels and can develop acceptance for change.

Othman et al., (2012) studied “Readiness towards entrepreneurship education” and examined the readiness of Malaysian students and their public universities internal environment for entrepreneurship education implementation. Quantitative research method has been opted for the study and Questionnaire has been selected as a research instrument. “Statistical package for social sciences” (SPSS) has been used to analyze data. Results of the analysis show that students of Malaysian universities are strongly willing towards entrepreneurship education. However; their internal environment of public universities requires, improvements and readiness for the successful implementation of entrepreneurship education in public universities. Limitation of this research is that, that it had only been conducted in public universities of Malaysia. Further research is required on the data collected from both private as well as public universities.

Ian Smith., (2005) studied “Achieving readiness for organizational change” and analyzed the role of people in the change process of an organization. Researchers in this paper have been focusing the ways by which change may be carried out, and...
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