Reviewing Digital Media Outcomes (Dmo)

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Lings Cars - Website
Purpose of the DMO
The purpose of Lings Cars website is to advertise and rent out rental cars for their UK based company. The intention of this website is to expand Lings Cars business through technology, and hopefully increase their revenue by providing more rental cars to people. Information on the cars is presented across multiple web-pages on the website, which is owned by Lings Cars. Ling Valentine (CEO of Lings Cars) "handcrafted" the website, so I'll be referring to her as the creator of the website. Target Audience

Lings Cars is targeting potential future customers considering hiring a car or van. It’s also targeting long-term contractors that might be interested in the business. Since Lings Cars’ company is based in the United Kingdom, they only provide this rental car service in their country (England). All the targeted customers will have to be somewhere in England or be holiday makers planning to stay there. Ling is also targeting previous customers who are willing to hire from her company again.

Advanced Tools and Techniques
Technique 1 & 2 (CSS and DIV)
Lings Cars website has been made using XHTML, one main External Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and two partially modified CSS. The main CSS was used for interoperability with modern browsers only, and the other two were modified especially for Internet Explorer 6.0 and Internet Explorer 7.0 because they are older versions and require slightly different instructions to run on. Cascading Style Sheets can be made using a plain Text Editor, such as Note Pad or Note Pad ++. The file extension for the Cascading Style Sheet would not be ".txt" however; it would be ".css," as used by Ling. She named her CSS, "main.css." Cascading Style Sheets are made for websites to incorporate a design or layout scheme which can be continuously spread across every webpage of the website. It’s created by placing this tag <link href="/main.css" rel="style sheet" type="text/css" /> in the header section of the HTML pages, so that it links all the CSS code to work in the HTML pages when it’s loaded.

The advantages of CSS are that, it’s easier to check the accuracy and consistency of the background colours, widths and heights of menus, font colours etc… because you don’t need to go through every HTML tag on every single page looking for the same specifications. Instead, they can be found in the CSS and you only have one code for each tag, e.g. body {background-colour: #FFF ;}. This could be used in one style sheet to style a lot of other webpages. So it saves a lot of construction time for the website and is a more efficient way to make one. I could tell that Ling has used CSS because each page has the same theme throughout the website on every page. More importantly, I viewed the source of the code for her page, which clarified the fact that she was using CSS to style her web page. She has used the CSS technique to structure most of her page with the help of a variety of <div> tags also. By using different div tags (<div class=”header”> <div class=”footer”>) she could create a header, footer, navigation etc. and style it all with CSS. The div tags hold a specific visual style in place so that sections of the page can be designed separately without hassle. It is possible to align, colour, change font, set size etc. on different <div>'s using CSS. This contributes to the creation of the layout of the website. Without the use of div to design elements of the webpage, there would be no stability or specified areas of the webpage that play a specific role. It would all be jumble, unless you use a table and set all the information out in that. But more so, Ling created her CSS to design most elements so it's not restricted to just designing <div>'s.

Without the use of CSS for Lings Cars HTML website, the quality of the page would be rather sloppier than it is now. HTML Validation would be daunting and take a long...

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