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Science CET Reviewer

Science – scientia (Latin) which means knowledge.
* A systematized body of knowledge that seeks to answer questions about the natural environment; study of organized facts, which have been discovered about the environment. * Look at it, think, guess, and try it out.

Technology – also known as applied science.
* A consequence of science and engineering.
* Deals with man’s usage and knowledge of tools and crafts and how it influences man’s ability to control and adapt to his environment. * Systems, methods, or techniques.
Science’s ultimate goal: to give humanity an understanding of the underlying principles about the phenomena happening in nature. Scientific Method – a step-by-step method used in answering problems encountered in the natural environment. Steps in the Scientific Method:

1. Observation – anything that is sensed in the environment Ex: 5 senses, The smell of flowers, Color of the leaves…
2. Problem – a question formulated from the observations made from the environment Two forms:
a. Narrative Problem
b. Interrogative Problem
3. Hypothesis – a preliminary answer to the scientific problem based on observation and related literature; an educated guess. 4. Experimentation – a procedure done to test the validity of the hypothesis.

a. Variable – anything that can be changed in the experiment.
Control – a variable that is kept constant
Independent – a variable that is changed to elicit the desire response
Dependent – the variable that is being observed
b. Group – a cluster of individuals in the experiment that has the same variable.
Control group – the group in the experiment that is kept in its natural state
Experimental group – the group in the experiment that is changed 5. Conclusion – the generalization that is based on the analyses made on several data obtained in the experiment. Famous Men & Women who contributed to Science:

1. Aristotle – Father of Science; explained natural...
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