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Test: Part 1
Copyright © 2006, 2002, 1997, 1993 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Click here for terms of use. 4. A wiring diagram differs from a schematic diagram in that (a) a wiring diagram is less detailed than a schematic diagram. (b) a wiring diagram always shows the component values, but a schematic diagram might not. (c) a schematic does not show all the interconnections between the components, but a wiring diagram does.

(d) a schematic diagram shows pictures of components, while a wiring diagram shows the electronic symbols.
(e) a schematic diagram shows the electronic symbols, while a wiring diagram shows pictures of the components.
5. In which of the following places would you be most likely to find a wirewound resistor? (a) A dc circuit location where a large amount of power must be dissipated (b) The input circuit of a radio-frequency amplifier

(c) The output circuit of a radio-frequency amplifier
(d) In an antenna system, to limit the transmitter power
(e) Between ground and the chassis of a power supply
6. The number of protons in the nucleus of an element is known as the (a) electron number.
(b) atomic number.
(c) valence number.
(d) charge number.
(e) proton number.
7. A hot-wire ammeter
(a) can measure ac as well as dc.
(b) registers current changes very fast.
(c) can indicate very low voltages.
(d) measures electrical energy.
(e) works only when current flows in one direction.
8. Which of the following units indicates the rate at which energy is expended? (a) The volt
(b) The ampere
(c) The coulomb
(d) The ampere-hour
(e) The watt
9. Which of the following correctly states Ohm’s Law?
(a) Volts equal amperes divided by ohms.
(b) Ohms equal amperes divided by volts.
(c) Amperes equal ohms divided by volts.
Test: Part 1 133
(d) Amperes equal ohms times volts.
(e) Ohms equal volts divided by amperes.
10. The current flowing into a point in a dc circuit is always equal to the current (a) delivered by the power supply.
(b) through any one of the resistances.
(c) flowing out of that point.
(d) at any other point.
(e) in any single branch of the circuit.
11. A loudness meter in a hi-fi system is generally calibrated in (a) volts.
(b) amperes.
(c) decibels.
(d) watt-hours.
(e) ohms.
12. An electrically charged atom (either positive or negative) is known as (a) a molecule.
(b) an isotope.
(c) an ion.
(d) an electron.
(e) a fundamental particle.
13. Suppose a battery delivers 12.0 V to a bulb, and current flowing through the bulb is 3.00 A. The resistance of the bulb is which of the following?
(a) 36.0 
(b) 4.00 
(c) 0.250 
(d) 108 
(e) 0.750 
14. The peak voltage in an ac wave is always
(a) greater than the average voltage.
(b) less than the average voltage.
(c) greater than or equal to the average voltage.
(d) less than or equal to the average voltage.
(e) fluctuating.
15. Suppose a resistor is specified a having a value of 680 , and a tolerance of _5%. You measure the actual resistance with a precision digital ohmmeter. Which of the following meter readings indicates a reject?

(a) 648 
(b) 712 
134 Test: Part 1
(c) 699 
(d) 636 
(e) 707 
16. A primitive device for indicating the presence of an electric current is (a) an electrometer.
(b) a galvanometer.
(c) a voltmeter.
(d) a coulometer.
(e) a wattmeter.
17. A disadvantage of mercury cells is the fact that they
(a) can adversely affect the environment when discarded.
(b) supply dangerously high voltage.
(c) can reverse polarity unexpectedly.
(d) must be physically larger than other types of cells that have the same current-delivering capacity.
(e) must be kept right-side up to keep the mercury from spilling out. 18. Suppose a battery supplies 6.0 V to a bulb rated at 12 W. The bulb draws how much current? (a) 2.0 A
(b) 0.5 A
(c) 72 A
(d) 40 mA
(e) 72 mA
19. Which of the following is not a common use for a resistor or set of resistors? (a) Biasing for a transistor
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