Review the Laws Related to Security and Privacy of Data

Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Copyright, Privacy Pages: 5 (1633 words) Published: June 7, 2013

Review the laws related to security and privacy of data
In this document I will be discussing the laws that are related to security and privacy of datas, I will explain how they relate to the security and privacy of data. Computer Misuse Act 1990
This act was introduced to prevent users hacking. This also stops them entering a computer, programs or files without authorisation, this act is in place to prevent users to use the internet without permission to cause an act of crime and also prevents unauthorised modifications to a computer. This act does not allow any attacks on a server as this is illegal. Hacking into a computer is not allowed as it can disrupt the business as personal information can be stolen and also be used in crime, this can cause a problem in the businesses finance sector. Anyone who knowingly hacks into a computer with intent to steal information is going against this act. Anyone who misuses the computer in this way is going against the law as they are using it for criminal acts. This act also does not allow anyone to use a fraudulent credit card or any other card to make a purchase via the internet. Hackers who overload networks with data to intently disable them can face a prison sentence for up to 10 years. This act makes it illegal for users to upload pornography of someone and children as people will find the offensive, having possession or viewing these types of materials could get the user in to trouble by the law. Users must not use the computer to harass or stalk a particular person, it is also the same when making telephone conversations as the user can not use offensive or threatening language they can face a sixth month imprisonment. This allows the organisation to take action and take back whats rightfully there and also punish the hacker as they are covered by this law, this bring a sense of security as this law would put the hackers from obtaining information wrongly. Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988

This is the current UK copyright law which has been created since 1988, it gives artist and creators of, musical and dramatic or any other artist have the right to control their work, this allows them to have control over how their material is used, this right covers broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public. It is not what has been created it’s the details within what has been created to be protected, for example if you have a idea for a book that would not be protected however the information and content within the book that is written will be protected. So someone else can write a book around your idea but they cannot copy your book or adapt your book to do so. This helps to protect security and privacy of data as it protects the effort money and time someone has put in to create their content, if this content is being copied the organisation will lose potential customers as someone is using their content to sell another product. Privacy and compensation requirements of Data Protection Act 1984 1998 2000 This legislation first was written in 1984 there are updated version of this data protection act and the one that is used and most updated is the 2000 version, the 1998 version was a broadened and replaced the data protection act 1984, the main purpose for this law is that it gives rights and privacy of individuals, this ensure that their data is not processed without the creators knowledge and is only process with the consent of the artist. This act covers personal data relating to living individuals and protects sensitive personal data of that individual. This act covers data held in electronic formats. This has been changed as over time new technology and items are able to store data this is now updated so that it can cover these items as they will contain sensitive and personal data to an individual. The 2000 version of this act contains added laws and have been updated....
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