Review: The Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Lethal injection Pages: 4 (1625 words) Published: May 10, 2005
When you first think of the words 'death penalty', you can't help but associate that with the words 'capitol punishment'. However, is the death penalty really the ultimate, and therefore capital punishment. I believe that capitol punishment is the right punishment for those who commit heinous crimes like pre-meditated murder or rape. However, the death penalty would not satisfy me as a family member of the victim. What would satisfy me is to know that the murderer or rapist is suffering in prison until he dies and receives their true punishment in eternal life. I believe that life in prison, in solitary confinement, and without the possibility of parole, is the most fit punishment and the punishment that will put the person in the most pain and suffering until they die. But how did I come up with this belief and argument against the death penalty as a capital punishment? How and based on what did I come up with these beliefs.

First of all, I am a very religious person who follows the church in just about everything it does. If you are a religious person as well, you would know that on the subject of the death penalty for crimes, the bible seems to have a clear points of view about it in the old testament. In one part, the bible asks for "an eye for an eye…and a life for a life". This is clearly stated in the old testament in exodus 21:22-25. However, if you look closely, the bible asks for the death penalty for several different crimes that by today's standards would not even be crimes at all. In the article "Executions Are Too Costly---Morally" by Helen Prejean, published in the book "Contemporary and Classic Arguments: A portable Anthology", the areas where the bible asks for the death penalty are clearly outlined. Prejean outlines theses areas in a list like this "Contempt of parents (Exodus 21:15, 17; Leviticus 24:17);

Trespass upon sacred ground (Exodus 19:12-13; Numbers 1:51; 18:7); Sorcery (Exodus 22:18; Leviticus 20:207);
Bestiality (Exodus 22:19;...
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