Review Sheet for Statistics Exam

Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Review Sheet for Exam #2
As was the case in your first exam, an important aspect of your learning in this course is what you will know about the terms and concepts that are used in Applied Statistics. You can consider the terms the language of the discipline. It increases the credibility of your work for you to have a good grasp of this language. With this in mind, I will evaluate what you know about the following terms/concepts/ideas. I suggest you learn what they are from reading your slides and your text if you are uncertain about their meanings and how they are applied. Your quiz will be made up of multiple–choice questions. 1. Normal distribution and its properties, such as the shape of the bell-curve and why 2. Example of events that follow Binomial Distributions

3. Properties of Binomial Distribution – mean, variance and standard deviation 4. Probability density function and areas under the distribution curve 5. Standard deviation and the shape of a bell curve

6. Why standardize random variables
7. Mean and Standard deviation of a Binomial distribution
8. What Estimation is, as the concept relates to sampling theory 9. What the Central Limit Theorem is
10. Point estimates – what these are? For example, the sample mean as an estimate of the population mean or sample proportion as an estimate of population proportion 11. Finite population correction factor

12. Standard Error of estimates – s/ and σ/
13. Calculating margin of error associated with confidence intervals 14. Calculation of sample size for a given margin of error
15. Random sampling – definition and the number of sample of size n that can be drawn from a population of size N. 16. What confidence level is
17. What a Confidence Interval is, how to calculate it, and its general form for means & proportions 18. The t-distribution and its properties
19. What null and alternative (research) hypotheses are
20. Level of significance and p-value
21. Type I and Type II errors
22. How...
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