Review Related Literature in Laundry Service Foreign an Local

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Most of the people around us are very busy in their work they maximized their time in working, in business and in earning. Sometimes or almost of the time they really have no time for household chores because they are tired after working and they just want a rest for their remaining hour.

In our generation today even mothers and other woman wants to work rather than staying at home and doing household chores, it is because they really want to earn more and increase their income.

Washing clothes are one of the hardest things to do inside our home. Then technology comes our way, we already have washing machines but still we needed to do effort.

So the researcher decide to establish Laundry Service for the busy schedules of the workers.


The study intends to determine the feasibility establishing the Laundry service in Rosario ,Cavite. Specifically, this aims to answers the following questions.

1. What strategies should be adopted to best promote the business and

it service?

2. Shall the business enterprise enter into a contract of leasing the

building or purchasing it outright?

3. How shall the equipment be procured?

4. How much capital is needed?

5. What are the social responsibilities of this kind of service business?


The study will primarily benefited the researcher because this will provides answers to the most basic and common question like how much to invest, how much gains to expect and how to engage on this kind of business.


The scope of this Laundry service is rendering a normal service, a wash, dry and fold. These are as usual as other laundry services. We are also used a powder soap, and a fabric conditioner.

The main target market are the workers in EPZA Rosario because the researcher saw that no laundry service near in that place. And...
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