Review Questions: Locke and Rousseau

Topics: Political philosophy, John Locke, Civil society Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Review Questions – Locke and Rousseau
Please answer the following True or False. Please support your answer. •For Rousseau, a family is a natural institution
Answer: Does Rousseau make this claim? What claim does Rousseau make about a family? Critically evaluate Rousseau’s claim about a family. •To justify the existence of a state Rousseau used the slogan: Might is Right. What does Rousseau say about the relationship of a state and force? Critically evaluate Rousseau’s claim. •For Rousseau, a sovereign is an independent state.

Answer: What is a sovereign? What is a state? Critically evaluate Rousseau’s theory of a sovereign. •Rousseau argues that since subjects created a sovereign, they (the subjects) have a right to disobey it. Answer: What is a subject? Critically evaluate the relationship of a subject to the sovereign in Rousseau’s philosophy. •In Rousseau’s society, individuals can delegate their legislative power. This delegation of legislative power allows individuals to specialize in different activities. Answer: Can individuals delegate their legislative power in Rousseau’s philosophy? Critically evaluate the relationship of individuals to the sovereign. •God does not play any role in John Locke’s political philosophy. Answer: Does God play any role in John Locke’s philosophy? Critically evaluate the role of God in Locke’s political philosophy. •John Locke believed that the nature of human being changes with changing social conditions. Answer: What is the nature of human being in Locke? Is it constant or is it changing? Critically evaluate the nature of human being in Locke.

The role of a Lockean liberal state is to ensure economic well being of its members through welfare programs. Answer: What is the role of a Lockean state? Critically evaluate this role. •John Locke believed that absolute monarchy was an ideal state. Answer: Is an absolute monarchy consistent with Locke’s political philosophy? What kind of a state did he advocate for...
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