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Topics: Love, Emotion, Protagonist Pages: 3 (1346 words) Published: November 17, 2013

“Can you ever escape your past?” Can any of us escape our past? No matter bitter or sweet, we will never be able to forget what happened in the past of our lives or escape from what has happened in the past. This is the caption that drew my attention to this achingly tender love story about the power of love and a story of miracles that will stay with me forever. The author, Nicholas Sparks has weaved this story around two lovers who face many barriers to win their true love and be together. Even though it may seem a typical romantic love story to some, I think it’s a unique one that proves true love never dies and the author has done a great job to keep the readers enthralled to the book for long hours. I was more inspired by the fact that this was the true story about the grandparents of Spark’s wife, who had been married for more than 60 years, which means that this isn’t a fairy tale but real life happening. The book was published in 1995 by the Time Warner Book Group, and from the first week of release it was on “The New York Times” best seller list for more than one year. This story says what true soul mates can never be parted, and that however much time changes or the people change true love never dies and if you were honest to your love that it will definitely return to you one day. The book is written in the first person’s account and the narrator is Noah Calhoun. Throughout the story he struggles in order to get the love of his life, in other words once he loses his girlfriend because she was taken away by her parents due to the mismatch in their classes and they had to stay apart for seven long years until fate brought them together, there after once again Noah loses the love of his life when his wife started suffering from Alzheimer disease and lost her memory. Nicholas Sparks has been smart in taking the decision to write the story the way that the narrator reads their own love story to his wife who is suffering from a memory loss disease, as...
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