Review of a Book on the Chinese One Country, Two System Policy

Topics: People's Republic of China, Economic system, Hong Kong Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: March 6, 2013
“One country two systems” is the focal point of this book. The author thinks this is most appropriate for Taiwan policy. There were ideas such as “One country one system”, “Two countries two systems” and “One country two different systems but in confronting positions” but none of them is as good as “One country two systems”. The writer mentions that "One country, two systems" is an idea proposed by Deng Xiaoping. He suggested that there would be only one China, but independent Chinese regions such as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, these regions could have their own capitalist economic and political systems. Under the suggestion, each of the three regions could continue to have its own political system, legal and economic. Also, Hong Kong people running Hong Kong, it means the administrator is Hong Kong people. And Hong Kong can retain their established system under a high degree of autonomy for at least 50 years after reunification, such as the lifestyle, social and economic system and economic relationship with foreign. The author thinks war and internal political power struggle are the main causes of the problem between Hong Kong return to China and problem in China and Taiwan. Therefore, it is needed to develop a Taiwan style “One country one system”. For example, to allow Taiwan having her own army troops without stationing them. I agree with him. It is because Taiwan is a part of China, if China want to unify the territory, China must get back Taiwan. However, the politics of Taiwan is different with China, therefore, the only way is to implement "One country, two systems" in Taiwan.

I strongly recommend this book for you to read, this book can let me understand more about the relationship between Hong Kong and Taiwan. It provides a lot of examples to explain the concept. Also, it provided some statistic to show us the figure, it can let us understand the information easily.  For example, HK return to China can bring a lot of benefits to Taiwan and China....
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