Review of WD Valgardson's A Matter of Balance

Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: March 6, 2014
A matter of balance

The setting in “A Matter of Balance” by W.D. Valgardson had a great influence in on the characters and environments they had to face in this short story. Some of the weather and geographical locations the characters had to face was when Harold was sitting on a cedar log, resting absentmindedly plucking pieces from its thick layer of moss. It told us about about the geographical location also with the waterfall above the narrow bridge with the creek that flowed under it. The ground was a tangle of sword fern, salal, and Oregon grape. In a bit of an open space, an arbutus tree (that only grew on the west coast line) twisted towards the sun. Also with the location that had a land mass of rough black rock that turned into sixty feet of smooth slab. This tells us where the story was taken place and what environment they had to face during this story, also with the harsh cold weather conditions they had to face while Harold was dressed warmly wearing a cotton shirt, then a wool shirt and, finally, a wool jacket shirt; yet, within a few hours he was shaking with a cold and could not keep out of the chill. The air was so damp that when he took a handful of rotting cedar and squeezed it, red water ran like blood between his fingers, while on the tree trunks, hundreds of mushrooms grew. In this provincial park

Harold’s social conditions and mood varied whether it was to be on time for his kids or to take his time exploring his dreams and thoughts in the nature, He was still only able to work part time and had carefully arranged his schedule so that his Wednesdays were free and every Wednesday for the last six months, he had picked them because of the usual quiet and that no one was around when he went but this was a good and a bad for this story, it was bad because of the fact that he was being chased but no one was around to help...
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