Review of the Related Literature

Topics: Ethanol, Perfume, Rose Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Review of the related Literature
There has always been a trade in scents and by the year 2008 perfume had become a $10 billion industry. Today women have fragrance wardrobes of at least six different perfumes, rather than a single signature perfume, keeping one special perfume for occasion moments. The first real era of perfume was in the 19th century because of the advances in chemistry knowledge, new scents for perfumes were created. But thousands of years ago, people were already had been using perfume oils for their bodies for in small or big amounts dependent on their fashion whims. In early Egypt, Egyptians used perfumed balms for their of religious ceremonies and for pre - love making preparations. And other materials are also use in scenting the place like Myrrh, Frankincense and Other plants such as rose and peppermint. A synthetic perfume product is very expensive and it is very hard to find the ingredients. Perfume is made from about 78% to 95% is made from ethyl alcohol and essential oils. Perfume ingredient can cause health or environmental problems when used or abused in large quantities either it is natural or synthetic. In some perfumes it can cause unwanted reaction to some people, especially people with asthma ,Sometimes if the perfume is used in large amount it may cause allergic reactions to the skin. Like the substance ethyl acetate and acetone that is present in most perfumes they are also known for possible breathing problems.

Sampaguita is a very sweet scented flower and it the scientific name Sampaguita is Jasminum sambac oleaceae. And it grows in a spreading or sprawling shrubs with less than 2 meters also have colored white, small, star-shaped flowers, and it only reaches to the size 5 to 8 mm long, it doesn’t bear seeds, and it can only be grown by cuttings .and It is very famous for its uses for examples in teas and in religious offerings. sampaguita and jasmine have a similar essential oil.....
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