Review of the Open Boat

Topics: Ocean, Water, Sea Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: April 14, 2013
I want to talk about the “sea” in Stephen Crane’s "The Open Boat". The paper tries to explore the three symbolisms of the ocean - freedom, life and the end, to help readers better understand the sea's role in the story. We live on Earth, more than 70% of the area covered by the ocean, and 97% of surface water reserves in the ocean. Therefore, the important role oceans play in our lives can be imagined. Ocean in the minds of the people not only a symbol of human unconquerable natural forces, but also a symbol of the people beyond the reach of freedom. Four people in the story - correspondent, captain, cook and oiler, boat away from the coast, into the embrace of freedom - sea. From a certain symbolic significance, they have been absolute freedom, because they have no man-made system needs to obey. They only have the laws of nature, the law of survival need to adapt. They realized that in the initial stage of adventure, “As the boat bounced from the top of each wave, the wind tore through the hair of the hatless men, and as the craft plopped her stern down again the spray splashed past them. The crest of each of these waves was a hill, from the top of which the men surveyed, for a moment, a broad tumultuous expanse, shining and wind-riven. It was probably splendid. It was probably glorious, this play of the free sea, wild with lights of emerald and white and amber. “They are right now isolated from the world, mutually dependent on a small boat at sea any drift. The ocean has been regarded as the source of all life, so it is a symbol of freedom at the same time, a symbol of freedom is closely linked to the life. This is also the story in a vivid manifestation. The story describes the most challenging moments in life about four of them, the sea is a symbol of life, and life is the brotherhood they feel each other. By sea, they realized that they must be interdependent to survive, because the sea no compassion, who if unable to meet, who will be engulfed by it....
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