Review of the Kaufmann Desert House

Pages: 4 (936 words) Published: December 11, 2013
The Kaufman Desert House

Abandoned tradition to create a pared down, unornamented style that emphasized geometric shapes, punctuated with bands of windows, the international style was known as a new social theory of architecture. Architects are striving to create a new modern form and functional design by make use of new construction techniques and materials. Like: steel, curtain walls of glass, reinforced concrete and asymmetrical facade. There is no doubt that the styles of houses these architects designed were completely different than the previous era. By the mid-twentieth century, in southern California and the American southwest, the international style had evolved. Architect like :Richard Neutra(Figure 1), he adapted the International Style to the warm climate and their tradition building, creating an elegant yet informal style known as Desert Modernism. One of the significant example, The Kaufmann Desert House(Figure 2) represent Neutra's elegant pavilion-style houses. The Kaufmann Desert House is not only one of the most important examples of mid-century modernist architecture in the entire world but also stand out the typical Neutra building style, there were patterns, formulas, themes and motifs that distinguished his work from his modernist peers. To start with, expanded to form a building was the long, thin, sparely supported pavilion. By looking at the plan (Figure 3), the house located on a 1200 by 300 foot plot, with spectacular views of the mountains and desert, the 3800sqare-foot house was in the shape of a rough cross formed by two interesting exes. It consists five bedrooms and five bathrooms, an outdoor sleeping area, a large pool, a tennis court, and striking mountain views. In addition, designs were virtually closed on one side and open on the other. Normally, the closed site will be away from the view or the major activity area, it might have a high, narrow, band of steel casement windows to let the light in. For instance, from the...
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