Review of Stella Okunna's work on cultivation theory

Topics: Mass media, Scientific method, News media Pages: 3 (1138 words) Published: February 24, 2014


Establishing the functionality of Chinyere Stella Okunna’s research work titled: the portrayal of women in Nigerian home videos: empowerment or subjugation?

The very first thing the writer learnt from reading this particular journal article is that an intending researcher must have conceptualize a problem he wants to solve to a considerable extent before embarking on a research process. This is evident fromOkunna’s explanation of her research problem stemming from a particular conversation she had with her daughters. The functionality of the research process commenced with the researcher’s first step as literature review. She stated on page 24, paragraph 5, and lines 3 to 4 that she searched for empirical evidence to support or disprove her hypothesis. This literature reviewhelped her to confirm if there is an ‘ongoing conversation’ on the issue the scholar is trying to investigate. This teaches a beginning researcher like this writer to know that a good literature review helps a researcherto confirm if she is indeed contributing to knowledge. Okunna was also able to find a particular gap in knowledge on her area of interest which she could fill. This also makes her research process a functional one. The gap was that nowork has been done in Nigeria on the possible influence the watching of Nigerian Igbo films could have on the portrayal of women. Most of the works she consulted, especially in Nigeria were centeredon the world information and communication order and agenda setting role of the media. Therefore, she capitalized on this particular area which was why she stated in clear terms that her work is a pilot study in the area. This is especially true as she only focused on a small segment of the mass media which may not actually give her enough authority to conclude on the issue. Further work will have to be carried out by other researchers on television soap operas, radio...
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