Review of Related Literature (a Development of Balijuagan Elementary School)

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This chapter present data’s and information sited from World Wide Web, books, magazines that can be used as reference and can support in designing a development of Balijuagan Elementary School. Redevelopment is the physical development (consisting mainly of renovation, rehabilitation, retrofit, upgrading and the like as well as expansion and/new construction work) within a lot or property that is under-utilized, unfit/unsafe for habitation/use or within other lots/properties that are similarly situated.

Roxas City Profile

Figure 1: Map of Roxas City
Historical Background
The City of Roxas is the provincial Capital of Capiz province, a part of Panay Island where Miguel lopes de Legaspi settle when he arrived from Cebu. In 1746, Capiz was made the set of Politico-military government although it was still ecclesiastically controlled by the Bishophoric of Cebu. On May 31,1847, a Royal decree turned the province into Alcadia. Roxas City was once known as the Municipality of Capiz and it become a chartered City on May 12,1951 by virtue of Republic act No. 603, otherwise known as the City charter. The late Hon. Lorenzo Arnaldo was its first City Mayor. This was named “Roxas City” in honor of its most illustrious son, the first President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Manuel Acuña Roxas.

Figure 2: Manuel Acuña Roxas

Geographic Location and Political Subdivision
Roxas City is situated at the Northern eastern tip of the island of Panay within the geographic coordinates of 1220 45’ longitude and 110 35’ latitude. Its boundaries are: Visayan Sea on the North; Municipality of Panit-an on the South; Municipality of Ivisan on the West; and Municipality of Panay on the East. It is located 250 nautical miles Southeast Manila, 118 kilometres northeast of Iloilo City, and 86 kilometres east of Kalibo, time to Manila is 45 minutes by plane and 18 hours by boat.

The City is the Center for Domestic and International travel, with its VOR (Very High Omni-Range) included in the quickest and safest aviation route to Australia in Philippine Airspace. The City classified as a second class component city, belongs to the first political district of the Capiz along with the Municipality of Maayon, Panay, Panit-an, Pilar, Pontevedra, and President Roxas. It comprises forty-seven (47) barangays of which eighteen all are classified as urban. Name| Code| Urban/Rural| Population

(as of May 1, 2010)|

Adlawan| 061914001| Urban| 2125|

Bago| 061914002| Urban| 1546|

Balijuagan| 061914003| Urban| 1634|

Banica| 061914004| Urban| 7666|

Poblacion I (Barangay I)| 061914005| Urban| 1281|

Poblacion X (Barangay X)| 061914006| Urban| 696|

Poblacion XI (Barangay XI)| 061914007| Urban| 890|

Poblacion II (Barangay II)| 061914009| Urban| 1317|

Poblacion III (Barangay III)| 061914010| Urban| 642|

Poblacion IV (Barangay IV)| 061914011| Urban| 184|

Poblacion V (Barangay V)| 061914012| Urban| 1913|

Poblacion VI (Barangay VI)| 061914013| Urban| 617|

Poblacion VII (Barangay VII)| 061914014| Urban| 2531|

Poblacion VIII (Barangay VIII)| 061914015| Urban| 888|

Poblacion IX (Barangay IX)| 061914016| Urban| 1715|

Barra| 061914017| Urban| 2744|

Bato| 061914018| Urban| 1540|

Table 1.0 Roxas City Barangay, Classification and Population

Land Area and Physiographic Features
The City of Roxas has a total land area of 10,196 hectares or 101.96 square kilometres. The area is distributed among its 47 barangays as such: 1,783.1537 hectares urban area and 8,416.8463 hectares rural area. The biggest barangays in terms of land area is Dinginan with 796.4581 hectares of the total city land area, while the smallest is barangays VI with only 5.006 hectares or 0.05%. The major land use of the city is agricultural, claiming 35.17% which is equivalent to 3,585.9552...
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