review of related literature on student monitoring system

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2.1.0 Introduction
2.2.0 Review of the related literature conducted in India
2.3.0 Review of the related literature conducted abroad
2.4.0 Implication of the present study




First chapter deals with the conceptual frame work of the present research

problem and primary matters regarding the research. It had the statement of the problem, terms defined, objectives of the study, hypothesis, importance of the study and the limitation of the study. But, for any specific research to occupy the place in the development of a discipline, the researcher must thoroughly familiar with both previous theory and research. To assure this familiarity a review of the research literature is done. It allows the researcher to know the amount of work done in the concerned area. The clarity of the problem is possible with the through understanding of the knowledge generation in the area of research. It provides the source for hypothesis. It avoids the replication. It suggests the method, procedure, sources of data and statistical technique appropriate to the solution of the problem. The review of the related literature provides some insight regarding strong points and limitation of the previous studies. It enables them to improve their own investigation and to arrive at the proper perspective of the study.

The review of related literature studied by the researcher is divided in to following categories.

Study of the related literature in Science.

Study of the related literature in general subject and educational technology.

Study conducted in abroad in the area related to present study.

The studies have been analyzed by keeping objectives, methodology and findings of the study to drawn the conclusion to strengthen the rationale of the present research.



Review of the related literature conducted in India broadly categorized in to two

categories. Initially review of the literature in science are done then general subject with technology regarding computer and instruction are made.


Jeyamani P. (1991), Effectiveness of the simulation model of teaching through Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)
Jeyamani conducted a research on effectiveness of simulation model of teaching through Computer Assisted Instruction from Avinashilingam Institute of Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore as a part of M. Phil degree. Objectives: (i) To find the effectiveness of the simulation model of teaching as compared to the traditional method (ii) To utilize the growing use of computer in education.

Method: Jeyamani developed a Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) package in physics for class XI students. The sample for the investigation consisted students of standard XI of the two schools selected. The pre test post test method used. Mean standard, deviation and t-test were used to treat the data.

Findings: (i) The experimental group obtained a higher mean than the control group. (ii) The sex wise comparison provides to be insignificant. (iii) There was no significant difference in learning level between Tamil medium and English medium students.(iv) On the basis of the research findings it was concluded that the experimental group performed significantly better than the control group. Joshi C.L. (1992), The construction and try out of networks for some topics of physics for standard XII Science stream

Objectives: (i) To increase the level of understanding of the pupil of higher secondary classes of standard XII science stream in the different topics of ‘Physics’ which are to be taught by using ‘network’ diagrams. (ii) To evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching using network diagrams compared to the teaching through the traditional method.


Method: pupils were divided...
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