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Rainbow Troops – Detonation/ Reconstruction

Chapter 31 (319)–

In chapter 31, Lintang won the Academic challenge trophy and it went into the trophy cabinet next to the Mahar’s carnival trophy. Pak Harfan passed away after a substantial amount of teaching and the whole school wept.

The outsider can be classified as someone who isn’t recognised and one who is just like the common rabble. As seen with Pak Harfan, he was a great man but in the eyes of the government, he was nothing but a person. Various simile quotes and metaphors emphasis the concept of the outsider. ‘On a silent evening, a poor man with a heart as big as the sky passed away. One of the wells of knowledge in the forsaken, dry field was gone forever. He died on his battlefield, the school he fought to keep alive until his last breath.’ These metaphors and similes help portray Pak Harfan as an honourable man but wasn’t recognised enough for his efforts. But the students he teached, worshipped him for his vast knowledge. The government doesn;’t care about people like Pak Harfan classifying them as the common rabble or outsiders.

Chapter 47 (445)–

In chapter 47, There was a massive power change as the PN government had to lay off a lot of coolies because of the dramatic price drop of tin. This resulted in the wealthy people to live, leaving the estate vulnerable. The poor capitalised and raided it.

The outsider can be seen as someone that is used but after that use has disappeared, people renounce any relationship form them making them the outsider. In chapter 47 of rainbow troops, the PN government disown the people they govern because of the he price drop of tin. IN the book there are a series of analogies showing how the PN government ditched their people. Examples include ‘After all, sugarcane is thrown to the wayside when it is no longer sweet. The union and unity jargon evaporated after the hen suddenly stopped laying golden eggs. Belitong Island, once sparkling blue like millions of comb jellies, was suddenly as dull as a drifting ghost ship—dark, abandoned, and alone.’ These analogies show how quickly the government deserted their people because their minerals started to be worthless.

Chapter 3 (17) –

In chapter 3, this chapter is generally a description of the decomposition of the school the students are attending. It describes the students they are with and what they do for a day at the school. It describes how poor everything in their village.  

The basic needs of an outsider are often disregarded or unimportant. This results in the outsider not getting what human beings deserve. In Rainbow Troops, the concept of being poor is continuously repeated not only in chapter 3 but also throughout the whole book. ‘It was as if our school was lost in time and space.’ This hyperbole shows that they are isolated, receiving no funding or support from the government. This hyperbole ‘Imagine the worst possible problems for an elementary school classroom: a roof with leaks so large that students see planes flying in the sky.’ Emphasises the concept of being poor and receiving no funding. The government have isolated them and they don’t even take notice of them as outsiders.

Chapter 3: Glass Display Case
This chapter is generally a description of the physical aspects of the school and makes the responder embrace and understand the poverty and lack of funds and facilities. It shows that despite all odds, these poor school children will put up with anything for an education! This includes 1 school building that leans to one side, would fall over from the smallest bump and has a roof that doesn’t keep out any rain whatsoever, no medical support and generally a place that the community has simply lost hope for!

The needs of an outsider are often forgotten about or deemed unimportant. As a result, outsiders don’t always receive the things that they deserve as human beings. This concept is reflected...
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