Review of Literature

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Review of Literature
Ann Linehan
Grand Canyon University: Family Centered Health Promotion

Health promotion is developing a guidance system to optimize the health and wellness of an individual, community, or nation. It takes into account and aims to balance the physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects of the recipient, and assists them in achieving their goals. “Health Promotion is the art and science of helping people discover the synergies between their core passions and optimal health, enhancing their motivation to strive for optimal health, and supporting them in changing their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health” (O'Donnell, 2009).

Purpose of Health Promotion
Nursing is the largest health care profession and health promotion is its core essence. Nurses are dedicated to caring for the sick, to educating and increasing awareness about good health habits, and advocating for changes to improve the well-being of all. Nursing professionals are on the front line and are in the best position to be proactive and advance health care by performing the research and creating plans and strategies to effect positive health changes. The nursing field is well equipped to provide information on areas of disease prevention and behavioral modification for healthy lifestyle improvement (Kemppainen, 2012).

Evolution of Nursing Roles
The role of nursing has changed drastically. From the original role of providing individual bedside care at home or in hospitals, groundbreakers took to the battlefields literally and figuratively to develop standards and strategies for maintaining healthy environments. While maintaining the practice of individualized care, they have also expanded their roles. They have become certified in specialties, earned nurse practitioner, master’s and doctoral degrees, and have become political and legal advocates and leaders in health care promotion. Rather than the “take your...

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