Review of Guys and Dolls Play

Topics: Drama, Craps, Soul music Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: November 11, 2008
The sewer scene in the musical drama Guys and Dolls highlights many directorial decisions and shows many of the different aspects working together. We arrive upon this scene viewing a crap game taking place in a remarkably clean sewer, dimly lit with a cat walk overhead and the projection of gears on the back wall. The atmosphere portrays the theme of dirty men playing clean. The stylized suits the men wear show the world in which they live Broadway! The sharp lines, neutral colors with accents that pop, and grab your attention like the streets above. If back right is an important stage position then Sky Masterson entrance from back right above should be viewed is superiority. He has come from above to this underworld to gamble for souls and to gain love. Skys presence raises the stakes but yet at the same time it is an empty threat to those who don’t care, the gambling now takes center stage and they role the dice. Speaking of which I found it slightly annoying that there were no actual dice being rolled, I thought that for such a small prop it would have had a very large affect and would have added to the scene. I also found the way in which the men and particularly Nathans reaction to Big Jules gun slightly silly, I understand that it follows the dramatic nature but I found it excessive. Overall I feel the scene did a wonderful job of capturing the restless, wild, a dirty movement that could at the same time be so clean and focused.
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