Review of Group Function

Topics: Management, Decision making, Communication Pages: 6 (2134 words) Published: January 8, 2013
The project involves decision making by team members to buy and sell shares from FTSE al share companies over a period of time, within a budget of £100,000. The aim of the project is to make as large a profit as possible and work effectively as a team. To achieve the aim, members need to work effectively as a team. To form a team, tutor Helen allowed us to make an activity. The Belbin Self- Perception inventory makes me realize that I am one of the action-oriented roles, the implementer. According to my work type, I’m conservative, dutiful and predictable. I am self-discipline, practical common sense and hard-working, but lack of flexibility. To be accomplish the aim productively. An effective way is to use each member’s advantage, each student then determines own role in team and what needs to do and own responsibility. Members will be accountable for their tasks. The aim of group have accomplished, our group have make profit of £12327.3. The result of 12% is much more than we have expected, our initially expected number is only 5%. During the period, all of our members have learnt how to work effectively as a team. Introduction

Within this paper, I will summarize group function of our project by using the time approach. Then I will give my individual contribution to the team project and evaluate the effectiveness of my contribution to the success of the team project. Finally, I will list some personal developments during the teamwork period. Group Meetings

Our group is called Seven Investment Club, but actually we have eight members. In first two meetings, Wentworth has not joined into our group, thus we only have seven people at first stage. There are two detail information about our second meeting and sixth meeting. The date of second meeting is Monday 26th September 2011 in room: T504. We hold the meeting from 1:30 pm to 2:20 pm. All of us attended the meeting. In this meeting, we talked about allocation of level of risk. After the discussion, we agreed to have our risk allocated as: 20% is high risk, 40% is average risk and 40% is low risk. Thus the risk of our investment is comparatively average. Then we discuss briefly about sector of our investment: we decide to invest in consumer packaging sector, construction sector and food producers sector. Then each researchers will the reasons for choosing the industry. For example, Cherry think the infrastructure construction sector should be selected because it has national policy and technical support. This sector matches the needs of country’s development. Besides, the construction sector has great market potential because of the London Olympics. The issues need to be discussed is company selection. Date of next meeting is Tuesday 27th September at 1:30pm in T504. Through this meeting, team members always give different opinions. The decision making is to select the best among all the opinions. Therefore it is important to conduct brainstorming sessions for the team and the research of workable information is vital for following meetings. The Sixth Meeting is hold on Monday 31th Oct 2011, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm at room: T114. All of members attended the meeting, except Wentworth. He sent a message said he was sick. All of our minutes and summary of share performance have finished. The first draft have been produced. The aim of the sixth meeting is to adjust the time table for presentation. Wentworth will give the introduction and conclusion of presentation which takes about two minutes. Then Carl will talk about the function and goal of group, which will take about three minutes. Johnson will give the advantages and disadvantages during the corporation period. I will give the recommendation of our group function, which will last about two minutes. The summary of share performance will be introduced by three researchers in our group, they will need about five minutes. In the end, Amy will give the peer assessment of our performances. Time of next...
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