Review of "Fight Club"

Topics: Fight Club, Brad Pitt, David Fincher Pages: 4 (1547 words) Published: September 13, 2006
Sarah Hoyt
CSS 1304
May 3, 2006
Research Assignment
Option #2 – Review of "Fight Club"

The movie Fight Club, directed by David Fincher, uses various principal strategies to make particular arguments. In our society today, men are associated with brutality, rationality, dirtiness, little emotion, and being the ‘providers'. On the other hand, women are correlated with elegance, beauty, cleanliness, compassion, and being the ‘receivers'. Fight Club argues against this cultural standard. The setting of the movie is that of a consumer-driven atmosphere, where everyone is a receiver, and where men take on more feministic roles.

In the movie, Tyler Durden, the main character, speaks of the world in terms of modernism. He explains how we are products of a lifestyle obsession, where issues such as murder, crime, and poverty are of no matter. His central concerns merely involve celebrities, television, and "underwear" designer labels. Fight Club seems to argue that the "consumer" civilization men live in today truly destroys men's independence and individualism. This argument is made in the course of a fundamental argumentative strategy used in some specific scenes in the movie. For instance, the main character (who is "Tyler" but the audience is unaware of his actual identity yet) looks through a catalog and asks himself what kind of plates define him as a person, as in what makes having these material objects so great. Fight Club argues that society today certainly appears to manipulate the perspectives of men and the values they hold for themselves and for the world around them.

I believe the film does an excellent job of illustrating how individual attributes have been substituted for mere symbols by arguing that contemporary men cannot amount to anything unless they possess precise material things – that men no longer even own products, but that their products own them! Since buying things create identities and characteristics, the movie...
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