Review of Architecture and Fashion Collaboration at Atelier

Topics: Collaboration, Modernism, Architecture Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Diana Su
Professor Claudia Holm
April 23, 2013
Review of Architecture and Fashion Collaboration at Atelier
Architecture + Fashion Collaboration at Atelier was a collaborative project between architecture and fashion students at Atelier museum. The project was exhibited on April 12 at 79 New Montgomery Street in San Francisco. Every time I pass by this project on my way to school, I feel myself attracted to its special matching style. This project used simple colors and special building materials to demonstrate the great connection between architecture and fashion. Similar to the complementary combination between landscape and building, the project exhibited structural capacity, surface quality and volume from the scale of the body. (AAU Galleries) In my opinion, the goal of this work is to create an incorporated form, structure and surface that give people a new understanding of material usage in fashion design as well as the cooperation between different fields. The unique part of the project was the decoration, which used materials made from tectonic textile. The difference between tectonic textile and traditional fabric is that the former can be molded into hard shapes. The students twisted a piece of tectonic textile, cut it into small slices, and then combined them to form an organic shape with sharp edges. The decoration looked like a scarf twining around the model and forming an obvious contrast with the silk dress. This showcased the combination of soft and hard, power and beauty. In fact, this modern architecture material has been applied in several textile-using areas. I saw costumes that were made with tectonic textile during a Cosplay show at Comic-Con. The metallic surface of this material perfectly suited the costumes for the robot characters. Furthermore, tectonic textile is a used make curtain for decorating the home. This avant garde material will no doubt inspire the future (Leary). To sum up, the collaboration between architecture...

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