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Kenneth Branagh’s presentation of Shakespeare’s play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ was a brilliant one in which the Romantic Comedy begins with war and ends with marriage. It revolves around the relationships of two couples which propels drama, conflict and pathos that ensues in the process of their union.

The deception is highlighted in the rendition ‘Sigh No More’ which was heard at the beginning and end of the movie. Also it was heard in Act 2.3. It gives a brief incite as to what the play is about, i.e. deception which explores themes of appearance verses reality. In the introduction, banqueting is seen where the characters appear to be having a picnic in the country where it is calm, quiet and peaceful. The letter introduces elements of suspense, mystery and conflict. This then causes Beatrice to ask “Has Signor Montanto returned from war...” A trait of women in comedies is that they are the huntresses of their men.

Beatrice and Hero conform to tradition, which is using their femininity to ensnare the men they desire to trap into marriage. Beatrice’s wittiness attracts Benedick’s attention. Hero on the other hand outrageously flirts with Claudio at the masque. There is a reflection of Elizabethan ideals where Claudio and Hero’s interest is in marriage. They are a classic example of an Elizabethan couple as Hero is yielding and Beatrice is dominant which shows the modern woman striving for independence.

Hero’s angelic look is enhanced by gently lighting, sound effects and a flowing white dress. Harsher lighting is on Beatrice and there is more distinct music to strengthen Beatrice’s character. The slow harmonious music emphasizes Hero’s innocence. The injustice of Hero is outlined by “You have killed a sweet lady.”, “Die to Live.” The impact of this may bring forth tears from the audience who would feel an overwhelming sense of grief and sadness.

Don John’s clothing signifies no balance of good and evil within him while Don Pedro’s clothing depict a...
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