Review (intermediate macroecon) EXAM 1

Topics: Inflation, Economics, Unemployment Pages: 3 (570 words) Published: June 12, 2014

Chapter 1
1. How do we measure standard of living

Measuring the standard of living in a country is to use real national income per capita. This is found that dividing real national income (GDP or GNP) by the total population.

2. How can European Unemployment be reduced?

Central bank should decrease interest rates, and allow for an increase in demand, and unemployment would decrease. They need to be less protective, to eliminate these labor market rigidities, and to adopt US style labor market institutions

3. What are the benefits of the Euro?

No more changes in the relative price of currencies for European firms to worry about, no more need to change currencies when crossing borders.

4. What has contributed to the high economic growth of China?

A. The first is high accumulation of capital. The investment rate exceeds 40% of output, a high number. Compared to US which is 17%. More capital means higher productivity and higher output. B. The second is rapid technological progress. By making Chinese firms work with and learn from foreign firms, the productivity of the Chinese firms has increase dramatically.

Chapter 2
1. What is GDP, value added approach
A measure of aggregate output in the national income accounts (The market value of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the US) VALUE ADDED: Sales – Intermediate goods
Intermediate GOOD: is a good used in production of another good. Some goods can be both final goods and intermediate goods. (EX: Final: Potatoes sold directly to consumers/ Intermediate: Potatoes used to produce potato chips) 2. Nominal and Real GDP

Nominal: sum of quantities of final goods produced times their current price. Nominal GDP increases over time for 2 reasons: a. Production of most goods increase over time.
b. Prices of most goods also increase over time.
Real: Sum of quantities of final goods times constant (rather than current prices) 3. GDP deflator, CPI...
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